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10 Best Games Room Dedicated Arcade Machines

June 27, 2022

Table tennis, pool tables, and dart boards are all standard additions to the contemporary games room. Have you thought about buying something more distinctive for your space of entertainment?



Arcade machines allow you to immerse yourself in an era of nostalgia and endless enjoyment and there are more choices available to choose from than ever. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular vintage arcade games that are available at Arcade Direct to give you an understanding of what you can find when shopping in this type of market.



Here are a few of the top arcade games:

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1. Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the most loved game arcades ever made and with great reason. The game is two-dimensional. Let’s begin with an old classic. Everybody is familiar with the hit from the 1980s called Pacman and this one might be the perfect game to add to your gaming room. Go through the maze, fill over all the dots and stay clear of the ghosts that lurk around as you “waka-waka” on your way to your next top score.

Price: £2995.00

2. Star Wars Trilogy

The next console is a vastly different experience from Pacman which came out in 1998 as an homage to the first Star Wars trilogy. It’s an 3D rail shooter, based on the most loved actors and characters from the films using a joystick and button set to guide you across the galaxy in the distance.

Price: £3950.00



3. Time Crisis II Twin

Time Crisis II was a regular fixture in bowling alleys and arcades throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s. It’s an experience that can be played with two players with light guns that make the entire experience thrilling and addictive.

Price: £3150.00

4. Star Wars X-Wing Sit Down


Star Wars has always been an extremely popular series and with games such as the X-Wing Sit Down Arcade Machine available it’s not difficult to understand the reason. Take on the role of Luke Skywalker himself as you pilot your X-Wing through levels after levels inside this cabinet that appears and is like an aircraft cockpit.

Price: £15,000

Star Wars Arcade Machine 500X461 1

5. Daytona USA Twin

Its Daytona USA Twin Arcade Machine includes everything you’d think of from top racing arcade machines: steering wheels pebbles, gear sticks, pebbles, and buttons for each of the players. The best part, however, is that two people can play with each other.

Price: £3400.00

6. Galaxian

Like games such as Space Invaders, Galaxian is an uncommon and original arcade game steeped in the past. While it may appear straightforward on the surface it will require many hours of playing to master the game and every minute is a joy.

Price: £2995.00

7. The Original Red Space Invaders

Everyone has played Space Invaders in their life and this unique Red Space Invaders Arcade Machine is the most enjoyable method to enjoy it. Restored with love and in stunning condition, only a few cabinets of this age can compete with this one.

Price: £2995.00

8. Asteroids

Another machine in the arcade is TRON. It’s a game for two players with players playing as four characters. Asteroids is among the most popular games ever to appear in arcades. Take on wave after wave of asteroids that are coming your way in this simple but addictive game that took many hours of time from kids in the 1980s.

Price: £3595.00

9. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park became an instant hit when it was first released and many games were released in response. The Lost World is a story game featuring twin light guns that have the player battling through five different stages that demand an enormous amount of skill to conquer.

Price: £2995.00


10. Star Wars Trilogy Pinball

It’s time to take a look at the classic game with twists with the Stars Wars Original Trilogy Pinball machine. Although it’s not like defeating The Death Star, this simple game is a lot of fun.

Price: £4500

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