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About Arcade Mania

The Arcade Mania team are dedicated to creating the perfect arcade machine for your home, man cave or lady attic!

Meet the team behind Arcade Mania.

Our Mission

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To provide you with all the bits needed to relive your very own gaming golden age.
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At Arcade Mania®, we come to work every day because we love games – and we want to share the love. The growth of retro gaming has been staggering over the past decade. Users around the world fondly remember their first high score, the beautiful simplicity of those classic games, and the adrenaline-pumping music and sound effects. Many gamers have attempted to re-experience that golden age by downloading emulators or attempting their own builds. Sadly, this fails to recreate that unique arcade experience we all love and remember.

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Meet The Arcade Maniacs

With extensive business experience in the entertainment, property and retail industries, Bob oversees all executive decisions at Arcade Mania. In his free time, Bob enjoys a game of golf and a cheeky holiday!
Somewhat fresh out of a Business Master’s, Nayim drives the creative direction for Arcade Mania. Outside his professional role, he’s considered quite the chef!

Technically minded and detail oriented, Kaz runs our production floor to the highest standards. When not talking about arcade machines, he’s almost certainly discussing the latest sports roundup!

Hussein is the most popular amongst our customers for his warm, yet professional approach. Be careful if you see him on the roads as he just might overtake you on his cycle!
As an experienced manager in the entertainment space, Aamir consults the team around general operations. Aamir was once destined for professional cricket but luckily ended up with us!

With our complex 3-stage art working process, Zulfi ensures that all panels are prepared for production. Outside of The Mania, he’s considered a Wheeler Dealer with his flipping of automobiles!

Who are Arcade Mania?

Arcade Mania® began with two retro enthusiasts, who would build arcade machines from a small garage in Birmingham. Cutting panels and screwing components soon became unsustainable as the demand for their machines grew. Before they knew it, they had to upsize, recruit a team, and build relationships with suppliers around the world. Today, Arcade Mania® stands as a limited company that sells arcade-related machines to thousands of customers across the globe!

We specialise in offering a custom solution for your retro requirements, including designing, developing, and handcrafting your very own machine.  Users can select everything from the button and joystick types, colours, trim colours, artwork, and more.  Our specialities are the All-in-One arcade machines – which are ideal for the home, office, man cave or lady attic.
In addition, we have built up a strong team of versatile technicians who are well versed in taking your queries and even designing your very own unique artwork.
Our passion for retro gaming and exceeding work ethic is second to none, resulting in customers who are content with both our product and service.