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Why Super Mario Games are So Popular

March 24, 2020

Super Mario is one of the most iconic and well-known franchises having existed for over 30 years and passed by several generations of players. As the face of one of the biggest video game companies in the world, it’s unsurprising that it can be considered to be the most popular game character ever created in the gaming industry. This is a testament to the ingenuity of Nintendo and the quality of the games within the franchise.

We all know who Mario is, but what exactly makes the Super Mario games so popular?

Image Of Mario &Amp; Luigi Bartop &Amp; Stand Arcade Machine

Simple, Yet Intuitive Gameplay

Ever since the very first Super Mario Bros. game, Nintendo’s line-up of games have been designed to be simple, easy to learn, and very accessible for anyone to pick up and play. Super Mario is a family friendly game that didn’t throw you into the challenges, but the difficulty progressed as you went through the levels which eased players into the game. This was very different compared to the games that were released at the time which meant that this game had a universal appeal to all types of audiences. Although the game didn’t have any instructions for the players, the controls were intuitive and simple enough that anyone could learn the controls in a short amount of time. The main goal of the game was to rescue the princess, collect power ups, and defeat enemies which is very simple.



Perfect Timing

When Super Mario Bros. was first released, it came about during the peak of arcade games and arcade machines. It was during this time that arcade machines were still the norm and the game’s intuitive controls were perfect for these machines. Although games on arcade machines were designed to be challenging in order to entice players to continue playing, Super Mario Bros. had changed the way of keeping the player’s interest. The game didn’t necessarily make the challenges easier, but it relied on the skill of the player. This platform game was primarily about timing and precision when making actions. If you didn’t time your jumps correctly, you could miss a platform or run into an enemy which would have been the fault of your own. It was due to this that players kept coming back to this game in order to try and improve, progress to the next level, and beat their friend’s score.


Colourful Design

The Super Mario games have an iconic design where everything is cartoon-like, colourful, and unusual. In the early days, the limitations of hardware meant that games could only be presented in a certain way. Super Mario Bros took advantage of this and made the game design very simple, yet memorable. It featured a varied use of bright colours, simple animations, and the level design was easy to understand. With the evolution in technology, Nintendo has upgraded the graphics of their newer Mario games, but they have kept the same feel and style of design as this is what everyone is familiar with.

Likable Characters

In all of the Mario games, Nintendo have stuck with the same characters which makes them very memorable. Compared to many other game characters, Mario is one of the most recognisable characters due to his simple design. Even in the newer games, Nintendo has kept Mario looking the same with the same proportions, same clothes, and same features – it’s the consistency that creates a memorable character. Mario does have some flaws, such as a heavy accent, and as a character, that’s what makes him relatable and likeable for many people.


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