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The Best Retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide in 2022

January 6, 2022

In this retro arcade machine buying guide, we will look at various varieties of games machines that offer a wide difference in the gaming experience, perhaps it is throwing a basketball with friends, playing pac man in the old school arcades, kicking ass on street fighter, or moving away from your console for a while to engage in some classic games in your new game room (if you have the space) or in the garage! Arcade Mania is here to take you through some options and cover the best arcade machines in this arcade machine buying guide!

We all have stories from our childhoods that we remember with a sense of wonder and joy. For some, playing arcade games can bring back good memories while they were going through tough times in life; for others it’s an opportunity to make new ones! Arcade mania has been around since the beginning of time itself (perhaps not!) – there are countless tales about women who used roller skates as they tried keeping balance on one foot at once during Galaga rounds or guys winning kisses after showing off their skills behind Pac-Man ghosts (I’m looking right at you, Jeff C.)

Retro arcade games make us happy! They show us how video games have evolved over the years with high-resolution graphics, soundtracks that are hard to beat, but retro arcade machines are still incredibly popular.

One of the things that makes these games so interesting for many people is nostalgia. Retro arcade machines are one way to re-live childhood memories or to make new ones with family and friends. Retro arcade machines are very popular, finding them is easy but they can be expensive depending on how much you want to pay for one. So what do you need to know before searching the web for your new arcade game? Let’s find out.

First of all, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind when buying a Retro Arcade Machine, lets see in this buyers guide.

Types of Retro Arcade Machines

There are many different types of arcade machines that offer a variety of experiences and are all great fun in their own way! Some are best for commercial use in commercial venues such as bowling alleys and amusement arcades, others for home leisure in a home games room. In this retro games machine buying guide, we will look through the use of the various retro game styles available.

Dance Games

Dance games have been around for decades, and they’re still popular today with people of all ages. Dance dance revolution is one such game that has helped make this genre so widespread in the 90’s! You can play these fun activities to compete or challenge yourself while also exercising as you will soon heat up after a few rounds and your coordination will be tested; how fast are you able to move?

Dance Arcade Machine Games

Basketball Games

Basket Ball Arcade Machine

Basketball games are a great way to test your skills and throw real basketballs in the net. These games can be linked together where multiple players compete at once, so you have an opportunity for competition against those around you head-to-head!

Driving Games

These types of arcade games are a good way to escape from the real world and practice your driving (or pretend you’re playing as a race car driver!) Driving games come in many different styles, like classic racing games like Daytona or Mario Kart or more modern based on shooting and destruction. The choice is yours! Retro arcade machines can make you feel like you’re behind the wheel no matter what type of game you prefer! Driving games are a lot of fun and can be played in many different settings. You might race cars, jet skis, or even pods through wild and wonderous terrain, incredibly sharp turns, and over jumps.

Driving Arcade Machine

Shooting & Gun Games

Shooting Arcade Machine

These are a great way to challenge friends or perfect your aim with light guns – which is also great for the competitive types that want to test their shooting skills by competing against others. Retro arcade machines are perfect for those who want to improve their skills or just have fun in a safe environment – no one will get hurt if you miss the target! Retro arcade machines are a great way to enjoy the pastime of shooting at targets. A favorite category for these is killing zombies and fast-packed action games, Retro arcade machines popular for these games are, the House Of The Dead, Zombie Revenge, and Time Crisis.

Redemption Games

The redemption game is a type of arcade entertainment that offers players the chance to win prizes by playing various kinds, such as Skee Ball and Ananse’s Dunk Tank prize games. Some other popular categories include ball tosses like pachinko or pinball machines where one aimlessly throws their token into an open hole while others may require more skill with strategic shots on target – think soccer balls versus golf clubs! Retro arcade machines with redemption games provide the player with awesome prizes for awesome play,

Retro arcade machines are a sure-fire way to get the kids off of their screens – they’ll be more than happy to try out one of these games! Retro arcade machine redemption games are not only affordable but also super fun! You can find all sorts of redemption games at Liberty Games. If there is one game that will charge money it is this one, it will generally come with a coin mechanism as they are paid for games as they are played for prices. These are your classic-style machines.

Redemption Arcade Machine Games

Crane Machines

Crane Arcade Machine

Have you ever won a toy from one of these machines? I’m guessing most people have. Even though they’re fun to play as kids, we can still appreciate the skill it takes for someone who operates them with precision and strategy in order get your prize! And crane machines don’t only give out toys – there is everything from small rubber duckies all way up through large stuffed animals available too so no matter what preference or size appetite fits best yours make sure check here first before heading over any store elsewhere because chances are good this place has got what you looking for! This can also come under redemption games and will have a coin mechanism with them.

Golf Games

There are many ways to have fun and be competitive in the same room. Golden Tee is one of those games that can keep you entertained for hours on end, but did you know it comes with something else? There’s also a mini-golf game called Putt! If I were into my sports memories from when I was little (which isn’t too much), then this would definitely bring some good times back up again because they’ve got high-end simulators too – Full Swing has them if anyone wants an authentic experience without spending more money outside their budget range.

I know golf can be quite frustrating, but it’s a good activity for getting out and being able to relax. Retro arcade machines are very much like this because you can play in an environment where you can compete or challenge yourself!

Putt Game

Video Games

Arcade Machine (Mega)

Video games are a must-have for any arcade palace, man cave, lady attic, or home in general! With classics such having a Pac Man machine and Galaga, video game cabinets also include hundreds of other titles that can be played on your computer or console! Sure there are driving games ( Carmageddon ), shooting ones too ( shooters ) if those sorts suits you better – but nothing beats the joystick-controlled fun found within this classification alone.

Let me tell you in this retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide how video games are, in my opinion, are the best arcade machines, the most popular type of Retro arcade machine game. Retro arcade machines with video games allow us to explore new worlds and learn about different types of technology that we might not have been able to experience otherwise. Retro arcade machines are perfect for video gamers! If you wanted you can try something new or play the same game over and over, we believe that we offer the best arcade machines with multi game options within a two part arcade cabinet.

Retro arcade machines are a great way to escape from the real world and challenge yourself with different types of games – it’s amazing what you can experience on multi-game arcade machines now! Our Arcade Machines here at Arcade Mania come with hundreds of games preinstalled, the option for new games, and internet connectivity, large HD screens, and fantastic graphics. They are an ideal game machine for home leisure! You can be sure to keep pac man munching in high definition.

Using one machine you can keep track of high scores across multiple games on our multigame machines, whether they are considered classic games (the space invaders original game) or perhaps slightly more modern takes such as mortal kombat and street fighter ii. You can fight through an array of worlds whether that is on a cocktail arcade machine or using an arcade cabinet, these games are with you and they offer free play.

The cocktail versions of our arcade machine come under the Arcade Mania Table Top Machines, these are my personal preference as you can sit, enjoy a drink and battle it out on a classic arcade game such as mortal kombat, street fighter ii, pac man, Dig dug, donkey kong, or one other the hundreds of other games available.

The more standard upright cabinets are great too and come in two sizes from Arcade Mania, the Classic, and the Mega Machine, each of these machines works perfectly to entertain adults, teens, and kids alike! On the Classic machine, you have many games pre loaded into one cabinet and on the Mega machines, you can play on a large games screen and play more games than you imagine and there is enough space for more! There is even a WIFI connection to add your own games.


Selecting the Perfect Game with our Retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide

We know it can be hard to decide what type of game you want. While making your decision, consider the following questions in this Retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide:

  • Who is going to be playing the game? Will it just be adults, teens, kids, or a mix?
  • What type of games do you like to play!? Pac man? Interactive? This is an important question to answer as you want an arcade machine that is going to provide hours and hours of fun for years to come rather than a quick play and then looking to change.
  • Where will the arcade machine be placed? Is it going in a man cave? A lady attic? A games room? Or just fitted into the home? The size of the space you have available will dictate the limits of your machine.
  • How soon do you need it? Is the machine currently available or is it going to take a while to order and ship?
  • What is your budget for the games machine?


In this Retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide we will take a quick look at prices.  The prices of arcade machines can vary greatly in cost from the hundreds through to tens of thousands of pounds for something to go in a games arcade.  At Arcade Mania our cost goes from £800 for standard classic machines to £1,300 for a fully awesome customised mega arcade machine. Investing in a machine for your home will likely be non-recoupable until you sell the machine, but for businesses and arcades, the cost of the machine can be recouped by the use of coin mechanisms and accepting other forms of payment.

Arcade Mania has financing options available so you can purchase in installments and get your machine as soon as possible.


To make sure your arcade machine lasts as long as possible and is as trouble-free as it can be, follow these easy tips: 

  1. Preserve cabinet art by avoiding direct sunlight
  2. Keep it clean, you can do this by dusting, cleaning it with canned air, and giving it a good wipe down to ensure all the grime is removed and the machine lives on for another dash of playing.
  3. If there are any software updates be sure to carry them out. Updates may contain security fixes that patch recent vulnerabilities found.
  4. Don’t go crazy with the button bashing. You can hit the buttons thousands and thousands of times but if you go hard, very excitedly hard then the buttons will likely need replacing before their average lifespan. The buttons will generally last for years but it is something to keep in mind.

Where to Buy Your Retro Arcade Machine?

The best place to buy arcade games is at Arcade Mania, but we may be biased! With our free UK shipping, you can’t go wrong! We offer a great selection of arcade machines and world-class customer service that will make your game room dreams come true in no time! 

Don’t hesitate, Retro Games and Retro Arcade Machines are the perfect gift for all occasions. It’s time to get your gameroom on!

If you have a question that we have not covered in this Retro Arcade Machine Buying Guide then let us know and someone from our friendly team will be sure to answer you.

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