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Problems with Building Your Own Arcade Machine

October 7, 2021

Now going out your way to build an arcade machine is not an easy job by no means, for sure it can be a fun project to do by yourself or with a few friends if you know what you are doing and have the required skills. However, if the only reason that you are trying to build a retro arcade machine is because you do not want to buy one then you should not go through with it. Read on below for a look at the problems with building your own custom arcade machine.


Before you get started in the building process of a home arcade machine you are going to need all the materials. You will need to get yourself a strong quality wooden base first that will be your main concern, choosing a softwood for example will not be a strong enough base and your home arcade machine could collapse under the weight of the other parts. You will also have to think about the buttons, joysticks and controllers that you need to purchase. A suitable glass screen in which can project the visuals of the game is also a necessity and if the screen is not the exact measurement then it will not fit! Research into the other components you will need as there are plenty more.

Arcade V3 Mega View8

Handmade to order in the UK, the Classic Machine is the pinnacle of arcade gaming. Now as standard with Suzo Happ joysticks and a front audio amp, this machine plays like a dream and guarantees years of enjoyment!
You can either configure your options or buy the machine how you see it. In any case, the vast archive of positive reviews around our machines means you won’t be disappointed.

Electrical Issues

Building a custom arcade machine from scratch can also be a rather dangerous job if you have no clue what you are doing. There are multiple electrical components within a custom arcade machine so you are likely to get hurt if you do not have the skills or training, electric shocks can be lethal so this is a major problem when wanting to build a home arcade machine and you may have to pay out for an electrician.

Lack of Knowledge

This is like a summary of the whole experience of building your own retro arcade machine, as if you have no knowledge of the process then it is pointless to begin with. It may look like a simple structure with a glass screen and a few buttons but there is a reason businesses like ourselves at Arcade Mania exist! Crafting a bespoke arcade machine takes years of training and learning if this was not the case then every household in the UK would have an arcade machine, it is much more beneficial to get professionals to build a custom arcade machine for you.

Arcade V4 Mega View 2

Based on the Classic Machine, our all-new Mega Arcade Machine is the pinnacle of domestic retro gaming. Loaded with 8000 games (and WiFi connectivity for more), an external games pad and a 22″ monitor, this machine is designed for the superuser!

You can either configure your options or buy the machine how you see it. In any case, the vast archive of positive reviews around our machines means you won’t be disappointed.


The main problem with any project is always cost, when building a home arcade machine you will need to assess the cost of many different variables, these include; all the materials needed, paying an electrician to do the wiring, the amount of time can also be a cost. Those factors were not even including all the games and refurbishments that you need to get in order to play the custom arcade machine in the first place. Instead of all this you should just order a bespoke arcade machine from Arcade Mania and this will save you a lot of time as well as money in the long term.

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