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Why Do We Prefer Retro Games Over Modern Games?

August 19, 2021

We at Arcade Mania enjoy all types of games throughout the years. However, we do have a preference in that retro games and classical arcade games are superior to the more modern games. Whilst it is true that the graphics and sounds from these modern games are a different level above theses retro games, when it comes to overall gameplay and player enjoyment we would surely go for older retro games as our top choice! Read on below to find out our reasons why we think this.

A Wider Range of Games

Although within modern consoles and systems there are great libraries full of games, the majority tends to be full of things that will barely get played and just essentially filler for the console. This maybe because gamers in the modern age are almost ‘spoilt for choice’ when it comes to collecting games for their console or systems. Comparatively, retro games at the time of release were much more appreciated, with each game there would be a buzz and a hype.

Due to this, people with a collection would only have games that they love and are exited about, in the 1980’s and 90’s the supply of games was much more limited to what it is these days. Because of this, every game that someone had would get played and enjoyed much more frequently than in modern times, meaning instead of switching from around 3-4 good games, they would have around 8-9 retro games that were equally enjoyed and appreciated.

Retro Games
Why Do We Prefer Retro Games Over Modern Games? 3

More Game Categories

Now again this point may seem silly at first, yet when you really look into it and see the type of games released in the modern era. The majority will most likely be first person shooters, sports games or platformer, with first person shooters taking up around 80% of that. We go back to the point to where as there is so much choice nowadays, people are very selective on which types of gaming genre that they play. Online components may also play a part as certain games are popular due to their multi-player functionalities.

Retro games however did not share this same expectation and desire for loads of games, in the 1980’s massive titles were praised and talked about for several months post-release! Players would have genres such as, platformers, first-person shooters and sports games and in addition they would also have a few puzzle games and RPG’s.

Prioritises Single-Player

Now having just mentioned multi-player, this brings us not another point. As retro games did not share the online world to the level of gamers in the modern age, single-player gameplay was prioritised and appreciated much more. A larger amount of games in recent times are based around their multi-player features, we believe that in some cases this ca take away from the gaming experience as single-player tends to suffer and the stories within these games are not quite to the standards of older retro games, there is not the same connection to players or love put into games as there used to be.

Single Player
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