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Popular Modern Games That Feel Retro

May 9, 2021

Most modern games made today tend to go for the best graphics and frame rate as they can achieve. The following games below go against the grain by attempting to travel back in time with their look. These games appeal to all ages with lovers of modern games and retro games all drawn to these layouts. Carry on reading below to find out what are some of the popular modern games that feel retro.


This game goes for the classic Disney/Mickey Mouse look. With a cloudy like filter over all of the gameplay it really gives off that retro feel. Of course as the game was made in 2017, the character models and animation are more modernised yet instead of taking people out of that retro game feel, it in fact amplifies it as it is much more appealing to the eye than the Polygonal models of the late 90’s yet still gives off that retro stigma through its classic run-and-gun gameplay.

An Image Showing Gameplay From Cuphead
Popular Modern Games That Feel Retro 5


Released in 2018 and instantly admired as a cult classic, this game really is beautiful. It appeals to players with its moment to moment gameplay, making sure its players eyes are fixated on the screen. The graphics and colour scheme are similar to retro games of the early 2000’s and its gameplay derives from simple platforming games of the 90’s which gives it that further connect with its players.

An Image Showing Gameplay From Celeste
Popular Modern Games That Feel Retro 6

Sonic Mania

Just the mention of Sonic already associates this with retro games of the past. Released in 2017, this game pays homage to Sonic’s 25 year anniversary. The game goes back to the retro game routes of the early 90’s as the 3D style had started to get stale and was actually hurting the Sonic brand overall. The game looks identical to Sonic Genesis, of which holds a special place in the hearts of many video game enthusiasts around the world.

An Image Showing Gameplay From Sonic Mania
Popular Modern Games That Feel Retro 7


Talk about saving the best till last, this game is a masterpiece in feeling like a retro game. The 2D look of the game already sets it straight back to the 90’s within the minds of players. The game has such a simple design in fact it could even be developed on a DOS computer, further making it feel like a retro game. It is rare that an Indie game can carry so much emotion and plot on top of breaking the fourth wall, which does not even take the player out of the game yet further immerses them even further as they try and discover what the game is about and the conclusion is more than satisfactory.

An Image Showing Gameplay From Undertale
Popular Modern Games That Feel Retro 8

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