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The Best Places to Store Your Arcade Machine

November 10, 2021

Purchasing a bespoke arcade machine from Arcade Mania is one of the best choices you will make. An issue that some customers face however is where to store it! A custom arcade machine is a hefty piece of equipment and once you have finalised a location for it to go, then it can be hard to move it again. It is because of this that it is important to select a location that is convenient and your retro arcade machine will not get in the way or block anything important. For example, if you were to move your custom arcade machine into the middle of the hallway then it could be hard to get around.

Read on below for some select locations that will be ideal to store your bespoke arcade machine.

Game’s Room

Now the most obvious choice is a game’s room, now we realise that not everyone has a game’s room yet if you are purchasing a retro arcade machine then you are most likely a gamer and a fan of retro games, you may also have yourself a room in your home that is specifically meant for gaming. This is the most ideal scenario as this location will not bother anyone else living in your home and it is a place in which you can go to get away and play retro games till your heart’s content.

Classic Wood View2

Why not check out our Mega Arcade Machines! Our Mega Arcade Machines are the pinnacle of domestic retro gaming. Loaded with 8000 games (and WIFI connectivity for more), an external games pad and a 22″ monitor, this machine is designed for the superuser! This seen beside is the Classic Wood mega arcade machine that we provide here at Arcade Mania.


Alternatively, if you aren’t so lucky to have a game’s room then you can always store your bespoke arcade machine in the garage. This location is also great as it will be completely separated from the rest of your home and so it will not get in anyone’s way. Similar to a game’s room, the garage can also be a great place for some escapism from normal life and as long as you have enough outlets to plug in your custom arcade machine (as there is no point to any of this otherwise) then it should work out rather well.

Living Room

If you are wanting to show off and present your retro arcade machine to any visitors or family members then the living room is a great choice (providing you have the space of course). It can be a way of keeping an eye on your children if you are wanting to watch some TV whilst also keeping the exited youth occupied by 1980’s gaming classics! It is a huge talking point for guests and a way of entertainment if you are wanting to give them a unique experience as the majority of people will not have a bespoke arcade machine stored in their living room.

Table Top Arcade V1 P1 Web

Why not check out our Table-Top Machines! Made right here in the UK, our new Cocktail Table Machine is the perfect addition to your home or business. Challenge your closest friends or arch-nemesis to one of 412 games pre-loaded on the machine! This seen beside is the Mania Madness table top machine that we provide here at Arcade Mania.

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