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The Rise of the Gaming Era

November 25, 2020

The gaming era has seen a variety of technological changes within the gaming sector from arcades to fast high-powered gaming consoles. Learn more about the history of arcade machines and how the overall gaming industry has changed over the decades. From the first skee ball arcade games over a century ago, to the early co-operated arcade cabinets in the 1970s.

Arcade Machines 

Arcades are coin-operated machines, which are programmed to play games. The computer will let you play the game properly until the required coin is dropped in the slot.

As early as the late 1930s, the arcade gaming scene began with the first few coin-operated pinball machines. Games became better as the decades flew by with new technology and features. By the 1960’s, arcade games began to more enjoyable and exciting along with being a worthy sector to invest and profit from new gaming creations.



Overtime, technology has advanced and became the forefront of high-quality games and powerful consoles to create a wonderful gaming experience with more visual stimulus, innovation and satisfaction. This brought families and friends together for a fun, exciting game night. The first board game was invented in 3100 BC in Egypt, now we have virtual gaming accompanied with facial recognition and gesture control technology changing the way people game forever only increasing gaming technology even more.

In the 1980s, built-in games and floppy discs emerged on home computers, enabling games to be portable and allowing for better gameplay through new software and technology installed into home computers. Dial up bulletin board systems were used for online gambling as the internet became more available. Dozens of other portable games were spurred on by handheld LCD games, especially by Nintendo. Board game manufacturers have produced video and computer editions of their board game creations.


Mobile Games

The first mobile game was created in 1994 on the Hagenuk MT-2000, which was the first mobile device with gaming capacity. Nokia introduced the very popular Snake in 1997. Snake was pre-installed on most Nokia-manufactured mobile devices, which has since become one of the most popular mobile game on more than 350 million devices worldwide.

Mobile games are typically downloaded from the iOS or Android app store or from the websites of the mobile operator. Although, in some cases mobile games may be pre-installed by the mobile operator into the handheld device.

The pandemic has influenced the rise of mobile gaming considerably over the few months in lockdown, which would be the perfect time to create a relevant mobile game for people to enjoy while in lockdown. Arcade games such as Donkey Kong and Pacman has been added to app stores and remastered; implemented onto your mobile device to relive the retro gaming era.


Video Game Consoles 

The development of video games has become more complex with greater quality and realism, the cost of making a game to run on major consoles has increased over time. It was once unimaginable to splash millions into the cost of growth, but today’s games can cost tens, even hundreds of millions to design, create and distribute.

Video game consoles have stemmed from arcades, taking inspiration from the way controllers are designed due to most of them using sticks and buttons to play the game. Along with remastered arcade games, which had a huge impact on the gaming scene in the past and present.


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