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5 Reasons Why You Need an Arcade Machine at Work

October 22, 2021

Now the workplace can get boring and this can lead to a stale working environment which may cause a poorer work ethic. We have decided that in order to create a better, healthier workplace that you need a custom arcade machine. Read on below for 5 reasons as to why you need a retro arcade machine in your workplace!

Stress Release

Work can get quite stressful especially if you have so much to do in such little time, this is why a break from it all is great for the mental health of your employees. Having a 30-1hr break will refresh the mind and relieve any built up stress through the day, it acts as an escape for employees and especially those who love older games as they will really enjoy a retro arcade machine in the workplace.

Sunset In Paradise View8

Based on the Classic Machine, our all-new Mega Arcade Machine is the pinnacle of domestic retro gaming. Loaded with 8000 games (and WiFi connectivity for more), an external games pad and a 22″ monitor, this machine is designed for the superuser! You can either configure your options or buy the machine how you see it. In any case, the vast archive of positive reviews around our machines means you won’t be disappointed.


Multiple studies have shown that playing games can lead to a more productive mind, this is why having a bespoke arcade machine at work is a necessity to ensure the productivity of your employees. Showing them that you care by purchasing a custom arcade machine for the workplace will also encourage your employees further to work harder for your company.

Learn Skills

Countless studies have also shown that arcade games can build up skills over time, these include; reaction time, reflexes, improved multitasking  and many more mental based skills. This will help employees in their job as it will mean they are more on the ball and may be quick thinker and an excellent problem solver due to the amount of time playing games.

Small Machine Defender P1 Side

Handmade to order in the UK, the Classic Machine is the pinnacle of arcade gaming. Now as standard with Suzo Happ joysticks and a front audio amp, this machine plays like a dream and guarantees years of enjoyment!
You can either configure your options or buy the machine how you see it. In any case, the vast archive of positive reviews around our machines means you won’t be disappointed.

Team Bonding

This is a great reason for purchasing a bespoke arcade machine for the office. Building a well-organsied team that gets on with each other can be extremely hard and most businesses just have a group of individuals who put up with each other as they are getting paid. This will not be the case in your workplace! Allowing your team to bond over retro arcade games and compete against each other to get a higher score will bring them closer together and form a strong working unit for your business.


Alluding to previous reasons we’ve already mentioned, creativity can be encouraged through allowing your employees to play on a custom arcade machine in their breaks. They may see a certain colour scheme or pattern in a game that they may try to apply to your business. Playing on a retro arcade machine may infuse a spark amongst some of your employees and they may come up with great ideas that will improve your business.

Table Top Retro Lights P2 Web

Handmade to order in the UK, our new Cocktail Table Machine is the perfect addition to your home or business. Challenge your closest friends or arch-nemesis to one of 412 games pre-loaded on the machine! 

Use our unique customiser to bring your cocktail table to life, or buy as advertised. In any case, our reviews are a testament to our focus on customisation, high-quality components, and build quality. 

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