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Notorious Retro Game Villains

August 8, 2021

You may associate your favourite retro games with an iconic hero or protagonist. However, if you were to go back to these retro games and play them again, you will notice that the villain or antagonist in them is very important if not as vital to the game as the hero. This comes down to the fact that you cannot have a hero without a villain, for what is Batman without The Joker?

These retro game villains truly revolutionised the gaming scene and tested players gaming ability and courage in order for them to overcome whatever evil scheme that they had set in place. Below are just a few examples of the many notorious retro game villains over the years.

Doctor Neo Cortex

At first we start off with a more comedic villain. Doctor Neo Cortex, made famous within the Crash Bandicoot franchise is truly a notorious retro game villain. Topped with the look and iconic voice to match, Cortex is in fact the reason for Crash’s creation as with the help of his ally Doctor Nitrus, he ended up mutating crash to become anthropomorphic. The balance between the two characters is perfect with Cortex being the dangerous, villain genius and Crash Bandicoot, being the lovable character that is constantly ruining his day in a chaotic and fun way without any clear strategy or plan! Cortex’s distinct look appeals to players and his comments make them determined to take him down and give him what he deserves.

Neo Cortw
Notorious Retro Game Villains 3


Onto a more serious character, Ganon or Ganondorf depending on which form he takes, is an iconic retro game villain who features in the ‘Legend of Zelda’ franchise. His Ganon form is a demonic-like boar character with a menacing look that stayed with players and could scare those of a younger age. His other form Ganondorf is perhaps his most famous as it is in the shape of a human man which gives some relatability to the character which further appeals to players. He is often depicted as the ultimate embodiment of evil within the games and so is the perfect darkness to combat the bright shining light that is Link.

Doctor Eggman

Made famous in the ’Sonic The Hedgehog’ games, Doctor Eggman is an extremely notorious retro villain that in today’s world is still very much a household name. His iconic appearance definitely helps with his level of recognition, featuring a big egg-shaped head and a bushy dominating mustache. That look symbolised the ideology of evil and the retro game character was a big hit with players at the time. The character has again reached more popularity in recent times with the ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ film depicting famous comic actor Jim Carry in the role.

Notorious Retro Game Villains 4


Now we cannot talk about notorious retro game villains without mentioning the greatest of them all. Making his first appearance at the same time as Mario in ‘Super Mario Brothers’, Bowser was an instant fan favourite! There are not many other characters who look as menacing as the King Cooper himself, whether it is his spiked shell on his back, his sharp claws or even his fire breathing capabilities! Bowser has been depicted in various roles trough the decade and having him being a playable character in some games, allowed fans of these retro games to come to appreciate the character even more.

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