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Things to Consider When Buying an Arcade Machine

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September 19, 2021

Buying a retro arcade machine should be a purchase that you have properly thought through and are willing to do. There are many factors into the buying of a bespoke arcade machine that you should assess your home and current situations to see if this purchase would disrupt it in any way. Seen below are a few things to consider when buying an arcade machine.

The Price

Now the most obvious factor as will all purchases is the price. We are not going to kid you into thinking that a custom arcade machine is cheap by any means. Despite this, we strongly believe that the bespoke arcade machines that we provide at Arcade Mania are more than value for money and a must for any avid lover of retro arcade machine games. We only ask to buy with caution as it is something that you must be very certain of and have thought through properly beforehand. We of course are more than happy to install your custom arcade machine in your home yet will be less happy if you change your mind a couple of days later due to it being too costly!

Ultra Drive View2

Why not check out our latest classic arcade machines! These machines are handmade in the UK, the Classic Machine specifically is the pinnacle of arcade gaming. Now as standard with Suzo Happ joysticks and a front audio amp, this machine plays like a dream and guarantees years of enjoyment! Our Classic Arcade Machine Ultra Drive (seen on the right) is one of the many classic arcade machines that we provide here at Arcade Mania.

Games You Can Play

This is the main reason for buying a custom arcade machine in the first place! Imagine buying a machine without the games, that is like buying a farm without animals, what is the point? The modern bespoke arcade machine can hold anything up to thousands of games as if it was only around 10, you could get bored rather easily and with a multitude of games, there will always be at least 100 games that you will want to play every single day! Ensure you are buying the retro arcade machine that suits you, if you are not interested in that many games then you could purchase one for less money that has fewer games yet still allows you to access that same video game experience.

Is Your Home Prepared?

This point may go over a few heads when thinking about buying a bespoke arcade machine. You must ensure that the place you are wanting to store your machine is fit for that purpose, you need to calculate the correct logistics of the situation and ensure it is going to fit! You can go out and buy the fanciest and highest processing retro arcade machine on the market but if it does not fit in your home then none of it matters.

The Right Style

Another important factor is the aesthetic of the custom arcade machine. It must look good at the end of the day, for you to want to place the machine in your living room, it cannot look like a rusty metal box. You can choose the style, colour, and layout of your bespoke arcade machine, so be sure not to waste your money on something that does not look the part.

Galaxy Invader View2

Why not check out our latest mega arcade machines! Handmade in the UK, these machines are based off our classic arcade machines but BIGGER! Loaded with 8000 games (and WIFI connectivity for more), an external games pad and a 22″ monitor, this machine is designed for the superuser! Our Galaxy Invader Mega Arcade Machine (seen on the right) is uniquely themed similar to some of our other arcade machines, it is just one of the many machines that we provide here at Arcade Mania.

Contact Us

If you’re a fan of fun & excitement, then you should look at our fantastic range of arcade machines. Alternatively, if you have a question about our products, you can visit our contact page or be sure to give us a call on 0121 433 5554 and we would be more than happy to help.

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