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Games Console Timeline

June 27, 2022

It is bigger than the music and film industry. It is now responsible for more than half of the industry’s total entertainment market in the United Kingdom!

The development of game consoles through the years has definitely been a major factor in this as game consoles have seen rapid advancement through the decades. From arcade games from the past like Pac-Man up to Nintendo games and more contemporary games consoles like the Xbox…here’s an inside look at the way games consoles have evolved throughout the time.

1985- NES first appears at CES

It is the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gaming console was launched to American users and it is a breath of fresh air in the United States. It features more graphics, better gameplay, and more audible and improved sounds than previous consoles. Nintendo is set to become the most-seller system.

1989 1989 Game Boy catapults the portable gaming market

Nintendo’s legendary hand-held Game Boy invaded gamers’ palms. Over the years, over the years, the Game Boy is revamped as Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. In the past, Nintendo has sold more than 400 million handhelds.

1991 – Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis

Nintendo introduces its 16-bit Super NES to compete with Sega’s Genesis and it wins due to its popular in-house games such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

1996 The Nintendo 64

Nintendo launches the Nintendo 64 which has 64-bit graphics and 3D games like Mario and Zelda along with the debut game of the James Bond series, the immensely loved GoldenEye Bond. This was Nintendo 64, the final cartridge-based console to be released!

1999 1999 Sega announces the Dreamcast!

Sega launches the Dreamcast which was the very first gaming console that can take advantage of online play, and also the last console from the company. Due to competitors from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, Sega changed its tactics to become a third-party software development company.

2001 2001 Microsoft responds with the Xbox

Microsoft announces its Xbox through a keynote speech delivered by Bill Gates. The console comes with PC technology and an Ethernet port and an 8GB hard drive, and the capability to run DVDs. This Halo Combat Evolved game immediately becomes a hit and is the Xbox’s most popular game series. In the next season, Xbox launches Xbox Live which lets gamers challenge other players all over the world.

2005 the Xbox 360 picks up where the Xbox ended

Microsoft announces its Xbox 360. It’s going to be over its competitors which include the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 in large part due to Halo 3’s phenomenal commercial achievement and critically acclaimed. At the time, Xbox 360 has almost an all-time high gain in the software attach rate (the measure used to determine the number of games sold per player per console) against PS3 as well as Wii.

2006 The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii markets itself as an opportunity for gamers to become more engaged in their games. Nintendo advertises its console for active, outdoor gamers who would not typically describe themselves as avid gamers. The Wii is a global success and, by 2009, it had sold nearly twice the number of consoles that Sony PS3. PS3.

 2006 Sony and Microsoft are in the competition!  

Sony announces PlayStation 3, which allows users to play Blu-Rays as well as stream music and movies to their console. The PS3 is also compatible with players’ PlayStation Portable consoles and is, perhaps most importantly to many gamers, provides no-cost online games without a subscription.

2008 — Apple launches the App Store, and gaming on mobile devices is growing rapidly!

The release of Apple’s App Store offers a variety of possibilities in mobile gaming both for players and developers. In the next season, Mobile Social Games such as Angry Birds available for iPhone or FarmVille for Facebook have exploded onto the market.

2013 The Xbox One, the third Xbox is finally here

Xbox launches Xbox One featuring cloud-based integration and the capability to overlay live television. It also features voice recognition as well as a better Kinect sensor.

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