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Top Five Atari Games

December 9, 2020

What is Atari? 

Atari was established in 1972 by Nolan Bushell and Ted Dabney. They became the most iconic figures in the Arcade gaming industry, creating multiple grandeur Atari Arcade games for consumers to enjoy. Atari video games such as Pong, Missile Command and Asteroids helped define the gaming industry forever along with many other Atari games. Recently, Atari has focused on blockchain technology, developing a platform that world contains cryptocurrency called the Atari Token.


Space Invaders

Space invaders are supposedly the best shooting games of all time. It was an inspiration for future shooting games. Space invaders were introduced in 1978 by Tomohiro Nishikado and manufactured by Taito in Japan but licensed in the United States. Space invaders were eventually implemented into an Arcade Machine. Space invaders were the first fixed shooter and template, paving the way for other first third-person shooter games. This increased the popularity in the shooting games genre. The main objective in space invaders is to defeat a wave of descending aliens by shooting each one with a horizontal moving laser, earning as many points as possible to reach your highest score. The objective is to collect all the treasure in a jungle in 20 minutes while trying to avoid the incoming obstacles and hazards.



Pitfall is the second-best-selling Atari 2600 in 1982, they sold over 4 million copies worldwide edging behind Pacman which sold 7 million copies. Pitfall was known as a unique, original game because it became the first side scroller console. This entailed moving your player left and right to avoid the treacherous jungle infested with alligators, treasure and pitfalls. Pitfall was designed by David Crane but released by Activision becoming one of their best masterpieces along with other games they have created such as 1993 Doom. A sequel was designed by David Crane in 1983 called “Pitfall II: Lost Caverns” to push the Pitfall legacy along with plenty other sequels until August 2012.


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Kaboom is supposedly one of the greatest games of all time published by Activision in 1981 for Atari 2600, designed by Larry Kaplan. This video game went on to be successful with over one million copies sold by 1983. Kaboom is a similar game to Avalanche but re-themed as a mad bomber instead of falling rocks. During the video game, the mad bomber drops multiple bombs repeatedly traversing at the top of the screen erratically, gradually increasing the speed of the bombs. Paddle controller is used to move back and forth to capture the bombs in three buckets. Points are rewarded for every bomb caught but the game ends when the player loses the last bucket.



Atlantis is was released by Imagic in July 1982, designed by Dennis Koble. Atlantis was available on a variety of video game consoles like the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 8-bit computers and Intellivision. Atlantis has sold over two million copies, which became Imagics second bestselling game of all time. To complete Atlantis, players would need to defeat the Gargon ships before they fire upon seven bases within the city. Players will have the ability to shoot from three cannons, but the centre cannon will have a shield to protect the settlements. The other cannons on the left and right of the centre cannon, can’t create a shield they can only to return fire.

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